Behind Bars

Anyone that doesn't know. I went to jail in 2007 for 6 months. This is why I released only the EP 'Symphony of Slit Throats' instead of a full length. I was 5 songs done with guitar and got sentenced. So when I got out, I put vocals on it from the lyrics I wrote for it in jail and that was that.

When I wasn't playing cards, getting bitched at by guards, dislocating my knee or running laps around the field I was writing music. I use a tab program to write all my stuff, it's also a drum machine. Anyone who wants this program, like order a CD or shirt or something and ask me for it. I'll also give tab for Body Herpes for reference on how to use it... This program helped me know what tab would sound like without hearing it.

So I'd sit with lined paper and pencil and write music and have a general idea how it sounded. Didn't know how long these songs would turn out so to play it safe i wrote enough to KNOW it would be around 4 minutes. most of them are longer than my other ones. A couple are 7 minutes and most are at least 5. I've completed writing them in my tab program with drums so the songs are ready. They sounds different to my other stuff being that it was written in a completely different way to any of my other stuff. There's also a few experimental parts, but still in vein of Syphilic. And it's heavier and catchier. Basically these songs are a progression to what I've put out in the past and make both albums I released sound like a 10 year old wrote them.

Here's what I mean (click to enlarge)

Theres 11 songs and a 12th that will be a cover of Metallica - Leper Messiah. The cover will be in B, and drums changed to my style. It will be the B-side to an exclusive 7" single that will only be put out on vinyl. Tribute the vinyl gods. The 11 songs total almost an hour. But I'll be recording 8 songs that total 39 minutes of music.... Recording starts this week, and I even have my own amp this time and know some extra tricks to make it sound 10x better than the EP.

I also got quit from my job so I'll diligently be motivated to finish this album with the extra time I have. So being broke, don't be shy to pickup my new album or the old one (no one has been disappointed as of yet) so I can have Subway in the next few months. I also have shirts available that are selling out of a California stock right now, that info is on the page or blog. He's also got both CDs as well so you can get a package deal from him. Can't wait to have this new one out. If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards, unless you're throwing up. Cheers