Toylets R Us repress | August 8th, 2023

Brutal Mind was kind enough to repress Toylets R Us for me, along with some pink and purple merch. Visit BIGCARTEL or BANDCAMP.

...And Justice For None pre-orders | January 25, 2022

10th album, "...And Justice For None" pre-orders at BIGCARTEL. Lim.250 12" picture disc $12 during pre-order, also all CDs $8. Package deals available with the shirt.
'Clustered Memories':

10th album in mix - advance promo cds | May 9, 2020

Any orders while next album is in mix will get advance tracks. BIGCARTEL | BANDCAMP

Next album art released | November 17, 2020

Empty Nest shipping | June 18th, 2020

Empty Nest shirts/CD, Erotishock shirts/CD, flags & more can be found at BRUTAL MIND INDONESIA


7" split shipping | April 1, 2020

Empty Nest to be in later this month, split 7" shipping

Split 7" at BIGCARTEL

Empty Nest soon to be released | November 11, 2019

9th album to be released soon...


In The Pen released | May 5, 2018

Late update, but In The Pen is released, also Behind Bars shirts have been reprinted and a cassette release is nearly ready: STORE

Song & Drum video from In The Pen | October 6, 2017

Album will be for sale at any time. Visit STORE

In The Pen cover art | June 17, 2017

First album with full lineup: Darren Cesca drums/vocs, Shaun Stiles bass, Adam Mason vocs
Day In The Park, I Protect & Serve, Execute & Elude, Peace Out, In-N-Out,
Guilty But Not Really, Father Son Bonding, Under The Uniform, Come Get It, Kowardice, Korruption, & Kapital Murder.

10 new songs, 47+ minutes. Release date / preorders will be up soon...

8th album progress | May 12, 2016

Vocals are nearly completed. Drums and bass to be tracked soon...

Call Me God lyric Video | April 1, 2016

Eighth album in the works... | February 13, 2016

This is up next on the menu...

The Indicted States Of America | February 12, 2016

Click album cover to visit Luxor Records.

Merch shipping | August 25, 2015

Merch soon to ship / Digital stream, download available | August 12, 2015

Merch soon to ship, currently in print at factory. Should have mailing in one week(?).
Digital stream, download available:

Hereatt preorders / two promo tracks | July 4, 2015

Preorders / Package deals up on,
CDs ($10), Tshirt ($17), hoodie, and also an alternate T shirt design are available. $26 shirt/CD/bonus.
US shipping is now included in every order, and ALL prices have also been dropped. Contact me for wholesale rates.

promo song #1 - Vitamin STD (feat. Adam Michael (Alan Plug))
promo song #2 - Eurphoric Genital Hazing (feat. Andy (Vomitous), Blue (Euphegenia))

Portopotty Pervert is out | 06/08/15

Here's a shitty song (guitar/ bass/ vocals, unmixed) that will be released on an untitled 7th album, vocals are being finished up

Portopotty Pervert is out | 05/14/15

Late update, but fuck it. There are still a few limited ones left with the bottle openers. Email me for wholesale. Also my 6th shit album is scheduled to release soon, in the Summer...

Toylets 'R' Us is out | 09/18/14

You can get it at

My artist's homepage!!! | 03/07/13

The artist that does ALL my artwork has a homepage finally. SICKOART.COM.

New shirts for "Port-o-potty Pervert" | 03/06/13

Guitar tracks are done for both sides of the split vinyl.

We also have new shirts, click the Bigcartel link for order info.

This is what was said by our printer:
"In all my years of doing this type of art, I have seen zombies beating people with intestines, baby heads being pulled out of asses, Crosses jabbed through all kinds of people and places, women getting sawed in half, and more brains than a collage science club at a zombie convention, but this I think was the sickest one ever and it gets the gold medal... haha, it is gonna turn some heads for sure. I showed it to a friend of mine and all he had to say was "Safety First, at least he's got on the Goggles... ""


Here ya go...

Toylets 'R Us

TOYLETS 'R US | 02/1/13

So, The next Syphilic full length album will be titled "Toylets 'R Us" and will have 9 new tracks and a cover song for a total of 47+ minutes. Aiming for an April/May Release, cover art has already been completed by Tony Cosgrove. This release will likely be released on a record label.

Toylets and porta potties | 01/26/13

To anyone that ordered a Gutrot hoodie, they're sent unless you're three people waiting on extra shit.

While waiting for a 5th (750mL) full album to come out, "Toylets 'R Us" is in the final mixing stages... Syphilic will be releasing a split vinyl 10" with Gutrot as the A side on Permeated Records. The tracks will be recorded, mixed and mastered some time Febuary to hopefully be released in April-ish. The split will be called "Porta Potty Pervert" and will be released as a colored vinyl of some sorts. Maybe you have some ideas on what vinyl you like? Hit me up.

My mommy borned me tarded. | 01/24/13

So I am going to start updating this shit more. Figured I might as well. Got my files and an FTP program to make it easier to do. But anyway, I am starting recording for a release that should be out April(ish) on Permeated Records.

I also made a BIGCARTEL site to make ordering easier. This ISN'T everything I have. I am just too cheap to pay for more than five sale items. If you want other shit then send me a message or follow the dumbass Paypal shit in my MERCH section.

I am also on SYPHILIC FACEBOOK for you social fucks that go on here. Also my band GUTROT is on there.

So, basically have two releases in the works in addition to my fifth album which should be out shortly. More info on that to come as well...

More updates will come, promise... CHEERS

Composition Of Murder done, working on 5th album | 12/22/11

New Album merch is available, as well as tab/lyrics for 'A Composition Of Murder.' It was released about a month ago but am just now getting around to updating this site. Also 5th album is in the works, probably sooner than later.

NEW MERCH IN (shirts/hoodies), 'A Composition Of Murder' in mastering | 10/04/11

New 4th album is in the mastering stages and will be released on Sevared Records. There is a new shirt design in the merch section to support it. Soon (within a week?) I will be running a pre-order for the new album. Also coming with the album will be cover shirts along with package deals for the CD. Check out the merch section. More info to follow for the 4th album preorder.

SHIRTS IN, new album in the works | 09/09/10

The logo shirts are obviously in and shipping. The money that comes in for them will go into the funding of my FOURTH album. Guitar/bass is finished. I'm currently writing lyrics for it and then will record vocals. After this I will fill guest spots of a guitar solo, piano, and vocals; then mix/mastering. It will be an experimental concept album entitled: A Composition of Murder. One 37-minute long song based on the life of death row inmate #31614. I wont give away who.

Tour also went well. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported, it was a lot of fun. I probably would have come home with a little bit of cash had I not spent it all on booze on my days off, but you only live once. So order a shirt, CD, get fucked up, and get at me.

LOGO shirts ordered | 06/23/10

Logo Shirts should be in and shipping by the beginning of June. Visit merch page for more info...

Show/TOURDATES | 05/21/10

(visit MySpace page for more details on these shows)

INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX will be on tour with me for these Dates.

Upcoming Shows
(click venue for flyer info)
Jul 2 2010The Symposium, (day 2)Lakewood, Ohio
Jul 3 2010The Flying SquirrelRochester, New York
Jul 4 2010OBriens PubAllston, MA
Jul 5 2010help bookNJ
Jul 6 2010help bookPhiladelphia-ISH
Jul 7 2010help bookVirginia
Jul 8 2010The Riot RoomKansas City, MS
Jul 9 2010The CesspoolJoplin, MS
Jul 10 2010Mac's BarLansing, Michigan

Past Shows
May 21-23 2010Midwest F*ckfest - The RAVEMilwaukee, WI

LOGO SHIRTS in preorder | 05/20/10

I'm raising money on a preorder to get these printed (should be printed within 2 weeks... So within 4 weeks will be ready to ship) so I can have shirts on tour (dates listed on myspace - STILL NEED HELP BOOKING).

In: S-XXL (indicate size), larger sizes available only during preorder.

18 (first), 33 (2 shirts/colors), 45 (all 3 shirts/colors)

23 (first), 42 (2 shirts/colors), 55 (all 3 shirts/colors)

Add any Syphilic CDs to order for $7 first, $5 each additional. Use the contact box with any questions or a total for what you want and I will get back with an invoice or answers. Paypal is If you order on your own please include what it's for (size, color). Also playing the Midwest Fuckfest this weekend.

New review! | 05/09/10

New Behind Bars review added, check it out here.

Syphilic girlie shirts | 05/09/10

NEW Syphilic girlie shirts with blue logo and mansplatter. Limited to 25 and available in S, M, and L. Cost is $20US / $25INT

Bass tracks for the 4th album are in the works so there should be another release late this year or early next year...

Behind Bars released! | 04/10/10

I got the discs in the mail yesterday... all orders have been mailed either yesterday or today, minus a couple wholesale ones that will go out shortly... if youre on this newsletter ive added you manually from past orders.

Click to enlarge.

Hope everyone likes the disc... girlie shirts will be printed soon...

New website launched + new album! | 04/04/10

BEHIND BARS to be sent out early this week. Get your copy, pro CD of course as the others are, and also lots of new merch. Package deals. Already working on another recording for you drunk fuckers... Sign up for the newsletter...feel free to sign the guestbook with any comments!