Syphilic basically started without starting. It was a hobby for Brian and writing music would be done while drunk at a computer. It wasn't until the discovery of writing in odd-times became more fun and unpredictable that he found his own style of writing. After writing approximately 15 or so songs that WEREN'T odd timed, Brian started naming his files 'Prog' for the different style that he was writing. For years it was all unimportant and was just written so he could listen to his own midis once in a while. A few friends of his convinced him that it would be worth recording them after he had already written 16 'prog' songs. Within a couple weeks, he got a hold of an Mbox and protools 6.4 and by learning as he went along, within two weeks he had a demo and a name ready... The name was helped to be thought of by a close friend Ryan, throwing back and forth names that 'needed to be sexually disgusting and psychotic at the same time. The songs were Back Acne Buffet and Play Catch, You lose, which both ended up on the debut album 'Erotishock Therapy'.
After good response from the demo, a full-length was planned out. The idea was to not skimp on music with a short 28 minute CD that normal bands would do, but have a long 45 minute-ish album. Halfway through the album recording, Brian left home and began living at the Loft, which was the practice space to the two bands he did vocals in (Mutilated and Gutrot). It was pretty filthy there and was a good place to drink malt liquor and write music at night, while recording in the day. After the whole album was completed after about a year of work, a Mutilated tour was in place. The computer was taken on the road, and when hooked up in boston to get the last set of guest vocals from Adam from Goratory. Black, the computer didnt boot up. The harddrive was dead, the recording gone. There are raw versions of the first 5 tracks, as well as Nursing Home Kneebash (track 6) on mp3. Theyre identicle with patterns and everything else, the only thing different is the recording of it and the new one sounded better from all that was learned. Brian went back home and started recording it again... Somewhere in this time the bands Mutilated and Gutrot had disbanded. After a few label offers it was decided to release it on his own because he knew he would run out of discs and didnt want a label profiting off his work. Labels put some time into bands, but in this case Brian had done all the work, the only thing left to do was press the album. Done, Erotishock Therapy was out in January of 2007 and 2 T-shirt designs were there to go with it.
Before Erotishock was don being recorded, he had already finished guitar tracks for an EP (5 song). Brian made this 2nd release only 5 songs because he knew trouble and 'time away' was just around the corner and didn't want to split recording up in sessions that were who-knows how long apart. So soon before the press was sent out to his home, Brian got sentenced to 6 months jailtime and a boot-camp program for a DUI, possession, open intox charge, that was aquired in July and December of '06 with a handfull of probation violations over the following months on top of it. He had set up Kevin (bass player for Gutrot/Mutilated) to handle pre-orders. When Brian got out in July, his page had been deleted. He had to start over again, at least this time he had an album to start with.
The time he spent in jail he had written 11 new songs as tab on lined and pages from the jail and bootcamp, as well as lyrics for the EP he had already recorded guitar tracks for. In the process of recording the vocals, A friend Paul set him up with a bass player named Brian Baxter (Regurgitation/Embalmer) who was from Ohio. This was not taken seriously but as with everyone else, Forgue invited him to come play bass. Erotishock had synth bass and it really took away from the album. Brian actually made the drive up 5 times (once for each session for song), and recorded blindly to songs he had never heard before. It was a set in the right direction and a musican as well as normal friendship was made - beers were had. After so long the tracks were done, and what became 'Symphony of Slit Throats' was off to press in December of '08. The first 50 of these came with bottle openers. Along with one T-shirt design to go with it.
Hoodies and longsleeves were also made but these were given to friends. Beanies were also out at this time that had been made by 'Gorefiend Merch' - which is Brian Baxters merch label. Later, to raise money for a third album, the longsleeves were repressed in a small batch of 25. Shortly after, a couple shows in Lansing, MI were played.
The third album was in effect. Brian picked the songs he wrote in jail and had the idea to title the next one 'Behind Bars', which is actually a double meaning. This recording went somewhat smooth other than a few more harddrive problems but nothing was lost this time that couldn't be fixed. Also in recording this album a cover of Leper Messiah was recorded. After the guitar tracks were recorded for this album, Brian served another month in jail for a 2nd DUI which is where he wrote most of the lyrics for this album. Baxter came up and recorded bass (this time 2 songs per trip) and the recording was done. The normal printers would not print the booklets for this 3rd album because of the content... REFUSED. Merch was printed in more ways this time with shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, and zip ups. No time was wasted in starting the recording of what in the future will be the 4th official release. It will be one long 36 minute song that has a few experimental parts, as well as some parts that were some of the first things that Brian wrote when he was about 16 years old... And theyre in 4/4 even. No date is projected on this one as of yet. Including this song, there are currently 21 songs that have yet to be released...