Metcollectors updates
August.5,18 India cassettes: Black Album Universal x2, Reload, G.Inc 1&2, G.Inc pt.1 reissue, S&M pt.1, St.Anger
July.27,18 MOP MFN England CD
Unforgiven Japan 3" promo
Hero Of The Day France cd w/ promo sticker
May.25,18 Cassettes:
RTL US 1st sleeve, no SR,AR,W-99
RTL Chile dark
Creep/Jump Mal/Sing/HK
MOP Mal/Sing/HK beige w/ white labels
...AJFA Chile white tape, white spine
...AJFA Chile Sony, yellow spine
...AJFA Mal/Sing/HK
TBA S.Africa
St. Anger Korea
May.18,18 KEA US SRC-03 CD
AJFA US Col.House SRC-10 || ||
May.11,18 Promo vids: Hero UK, Memory/King Spain, Fuel UK, Clover UK
May.6,18 UKR cds, KEA, JFA, Reload, G.Inc., St.Anger
Mandatory UK 96 CD (bootleg info added)
May.5,18 KEA MFN France 12", 1st order form
MOP EU 12" yellow label variation
AJFA 2x12" UK w/ yellow sticker
AJFA 2x12" UK w/ tour insert
Wherever UK 12", JITF credits
May.4,18 RTL CDs (3 Fra)
MOP CDs (2 Fra, 1 UK)
GDRR CDs (Ger: AG, S)
JFA CDs (1 EU, 4 Fra, 1 Ger)
One Germany black CD H
Creep/Jump France CD B
Black Album CDs (4 Fra, 2 Ger, 1EU)
Apr.20,18 Kill France PRS CD "B"
Kill Canada Col.House #920213BB
Ride US Col.House CD SRC=08 M3S4
Creep/Jump Ger CD "YY"
Creep/Jump S.Africa CD reissue
Master US CD SRC-04 M3-S3
Master Canada Col.House CD SRC-04
Mar.3,18 RTL US CD 1DA1X
RTL US CD Elektra/Asylum Re-1 x2 variations
Master Canada #950629GG CD
Feb.9,18 Garage Days Canada #880328
One Germany grey CD w/o credits on inside
Enter Sandman Germany "Sand Man" on CD
Jan.24,18 Kill Em All US Remastered *1D* CD
Jan.23,18 Kill Em All Megaforce 12" A-2 / A-5
RTL US Technidisc CD
JFA US E/M CD E41116-15 matrix
Dec.19,17 Mexico CDs: RTL black, MOP black, TBA grey disc
Creep England blue non-marbled 12"
MOP black Canada cass w/ new logo
MOP CSFR CD w/ barcode
Load India clamshell cassette
Radio Cidade Brazil promo CD
S&M Korea cassette
Dec.12,17 JITF France 12" w/ pink flag
Oct.22,17 KEA jap 12" blue labels
MOP US Col.House 12" Asylum labels
Oct.16,17 2x RTL US Col.House SRC-07 CD variations
MOP US disctronics (H) CD
GDRR Canada #910708DD (no '15')
...AJFA US Col.House SRC-11 CD
Sep.25,17 Aussie CD variations RTL,MOP,JFA,BA,Load
Aussie tape variations: KEA, RTL, Creep/Jump, Master, Justice
Sep.06,17 Creep/Jump MFN France "09" CD
Harvester Of Sorrow Uruguay cassette
July.22,17 RTL Chile EMI cassette
Peru cassettes: Creep/Jump x2, MOP w/ label, BAx2, Load
June.24,17 Korean cassettes: JFA, Load, Reload
Kill US Col.House 10/12 track CD 1DA2
Black Album Guatemala cassettes
May.22,17 Spain cassettes: KEA grey, RTL w/ label, MOP w/ label, JFA black, BAx2
May.15,17 Canada CDs: RTL 920205G, MOP #910809FF, BA #920110FF
KEA US BMG cassette variation
MOP US Col.House 1st issue cassette
GDRR US RCA cassette
May.05,17 Raks Turkey cassettes: MOP, Black, Reload, Garage Inc.
May.04,17 Ger CDs: RTL "YN", Creep/Jump "A", "E", MOP EDC 01, Black EDC 04
Black UK/USA 02% CD
May.01,17 Chile tapes: KEA match, MOP (2), GDRR, AJFA, Black (2), One (live), S&M
Sad But True 12" Germany
Apr.15,17 Creep/Jump Yugoslavia CD & cassette
Sad But True 12" Germany
Apr.13,17 Turkish cassettes: Creep/Jump x2, MOP, GDRR
KEA MFN England grey cass.
MOP Holland cass. logo on right
Apr.12,17 MOP Can Col.House black cassette, 1st issue
GDDD Ger CD "Made In Germany" face
Black US CD SRC*04
3xBlack France CD variation
Apr.02,17 Tapes: KEA NZ, KEA US 10trk Col.House, MOP Mexico 1175, JFA Israel Helicon, JFA Malaysia, JFA NZ, One (live) AU, Sleeps AU, Load Colombia, Garage Inc. Phi. 1&2
Apr.01,17 AU tapes: 2KEA, 3RTL, MOP Wea black, GDRR grey, Black promo, Black grey variation
20 AU CD album variations
AJFA US Elektra/Asylum SRC##01 Re CD
collection count:2322