Discography-Live At Wembly

Discography-Live At Wembly

This single was released as part of the "Nothing Else Matters" single, with the song name printed on the spines of the inserts. Tracks were recorded on 4/20/92 at Wembly Stadium. It was a tribute concert for Freddie Mercury.

Track list:
Enter Sandman, Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters

CDs - 5"

Vertigo, UK, 1992, METCL 10CD
Vertigo, Germany, 1992, 866 895-2CD
Made In Germany M
Made In Germany By PMDC P IFPI 01F1
Vertigo/Phonogram, Australia, 1992, 866 895-2in cardboard sleeve, few w/ sticker on sleeve
Vertigo/Polygram, Korea, 1992, DP 1452titled "Enter Sandman"
Vertigo/Polygram, Brazil, 1993, 866 895-2w/ "Maxi Single" on cover


Vertigo/Phonogram, Australia, 1992, 866 895-4cassette, few w/ sticker on case
Vertigo, Indonesia, 1992, 864 139-4black Polygram
Vertigo, Thailand, 1992, 866 895-4cassette

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