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Discography - Videos/Laserdiscs/DVDs

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Cliff 'Em All

ElektraUSA1987(none)promo video w/ stickers
ElektraUSA198740106-3in cardboard sleeve, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap
PolygramAustralia1988041 666-2w/o barcode
PolygramAustralia1988041 666-2w/ barcode and slightly different label
PMVFrance1988041 666-2video
PolygramGermany1988041 666-2different labels
PMVGermany1988041 666-2different labels
PalaceHolland1988PPS 2035video
PolygramNetherlands1988041 666-2video
PolygramSpain1988041 666-2video
PMVUK1988041 666-2w/ "Sample" printed on barcode
PolygramUK1988041 666-2video
PMV/Channel 5UK1988CFV 08116different labels
PMV/Channel 5UK1988CFV 08116different labels
ElektraUSA198740106-6laserdisc, two label variations:
PolygramJapan1988VAL-3069w/ two inserts, and sticker on shrink
PolygramJapan1988VAL-3869w/ insert and sticker on shrinkwrap
PolydorJapan1993POLP-1505w/ purple obi strip, and insert
PolygramJapan1995POLP-1601w/ yellow obi strip, insert, and sticker sheet
ElektraUSA199940106-2DVD, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap

2 of One

ElektraUSA198961113-1in cardboard sleeve, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap
PolygramAustralia1989080 836-3w/o barcode
PolygramAustralia1989080 836-3w/ barcode and slightly different label
PMVFrance1989080 836-3white back sleeve
CBS/SonyJapan198925ZP 135w/ insert and 2 Japanese inserts, label variation
PolygramSpain1989080 836-3video
PMVUK1989080 836-3different label
PMVUK1989080 836-3different label
PMVUK1989CFV 08342video
PMVUK1989CFV 08342video
PMV/Channel 5UK1989CFV 08342in cardboard sleeve
CBS/SonyJapan198925LP 1358" laserdisc, w/ obi and insert

Year And A Half...

ElektraUSA199240148-3pt. 1&2 in cardboard sleeves, in black box w/ sticker on shrinkwrap,
videos also sold seperatly
SonyJapan1992SRVM 841-2pt. 1&2 w/ booklet
Pt. 1, blue sleeve
PolygramAustralia1992085 550-3video
PolygramAustralia1992085 550-3different label
ElektraCanada19923-40146in cardboard sleeve, different "PA" warning on cover
PolygramFrance1992085 550-3video
PolygramNetherlands1992085 550-3video
PolygramSpain1992085 550-3video
PolygramTailand1992085 550-3video
PolygramUK1992085 550-3video, different label
PolygramUK1992085 550-3video, different label
PolygramUK1992085 550-3video, different label
Pt. 2, green sleeve
PolygramAustralia1992086 068-3video
PolygramAustralia1992086 068-3different label
ElektraCanada19923-40147in blue cardboard sleeve, different "PA" warning on cover
PolygramFrance1992086 068-3video
PolygramNetherlands1992086 068-3video
PolygramSpain1992086 068-3video
PolygramTailand1992086 068-3video
PolygramUK1992086 068-3video, different label
PolygramUK1992086 068-3video, different label
PolygramUK1992086 068-3video, different label
SonyJapan1992SRLM 841-33 laserdisc set, 2 sleeves (one gatefold), w/ insert, in box w/ obi strip
ElektraUSA199940148-2DVD, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap

Hero Of The Day

Vertigo/MercuryAustralia1996PVA 1342w/ unique red sleeve, videos for Hero and Sleeps

Cunning Stunts

ElektraUSA199840202-3in cardboard sleeve, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap
PolygramAustralia19980591663double video, few w/ competition insert and sticker on case
PolygramEurope19980467643white label, 15
PolygramEurope19980467643black label, 18
PolygramFrance1998046 764-3video
SonyJapan1998laserdisc, w/ obi and insert
ElektraUSA199840206-2double DVD, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap
VertigoEurope1998058 632 2double DVD
VertigoUK1998058 6322double DVD

S & M

ElektraUSA199940218-3in cardboard sleeve w/ sticker(s) on shrinkwrap, some w/ bonus video
Elektra/WarnerEurope19998536 40218-3video, w/ dogtag and 3 stickers on case
Elektra/WarnerEurope19998536 40218-3double video, w/ 2 stickers on case
Elektra/WarnerFrance19998536 40218-3double video
Elektra/WarnerGermany19998536 40218-3video, w/ sticker on case
Elektra/WarnerGermany19998536 40218-3double video, w/ 3 stickers on shrinkwrap
Elektra/WarnerAustralia19998536-40218-3double video w/ sticker(s?) on case
Elektra/WarnerEurope19998536-40218-3double DVD w/ sticker on sleeve
ElektraUSA2000PRDVD-1513double promo DVD, w/ back sleeve and sticker on front
ElektraUSA200040218-2double DVD w/ stickers on shrinkwrap

Metallica DVD audio

ElektraUSA200161113-9audio DVD, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap

Classic Albums

Eagle VisionUK2001ERE 162video, songs and interviews
Eagle VisionAustralia20018573899022DVD, songs and interviews

Promo only

ElektraUSA1989(none)One, long version w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1989(none)One, edit w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1989(none)One, long and short version w/ sticker, 2 sticker variations:

* sticker cut from box to put in hardshell case on first version
VertigoUK1989(none)One - The Video, w/ unique cover, spine label
VertigoUK1989(none)One - The Video, w/ unique cover, flat label
PhonogramUK1989(none)Phonogram Compilation Video 2, w/ "One"
ElektraUSA1991(none)Enter Sandman, w/ stickers
PhonogramUK1991(none)Phonogram Compilation Video, w/ "Enter Sandman"
ElektraUSA1991(none)The Unforgiven, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1991(none)The Unforgiven, short & long versions, w/ stickers
VertigoUK1991(none)The Unforgiven, w/ unique sleeve, long/LP versions
ElektraUSA1991(none)Nothing Else Matters, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1991(none)Enter Sandman, Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1991(none)Wherever I May Roam, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1991(none)Sad But True, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1993(none)Live Video Press Kit, w/ stickers, footage from "Live Shit"
ElektraUSA1993?(none)VH1 Behind The Music, w/ stickers, footage from "Live Shit"
ElektraUSA1996(none)Until It Sleeps, w/ sticker
TelecineUK1996(none)Until It Sleeps, w/ sticker
ElektraUSA1996(none)Hero Of The Day, w/ stickers
TelecineUK1996(none)Hero Of The Day, w/ sticker
ElektraUSA1997(none)King Nothing, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1997(none)The Memory Remains, w/ stickers
TelecineUK1997(none)The Memory Remains, w/ stickers
PolygramSpain1997(none)The Memory Remains, King Nothing, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1998(none)The Unforgiven II, w/ sticker
TelecineUK1998(none)The Unforgiven II, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1998(none)Fuel, w/ sticker
ElektraUSA1998(none)Fuel - version 2, w/ stickers
TelecineUK1998(none)Fuel, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1998(none)Turn The Page, w/ stickers
TelecineUK1998(none)Turn The Page, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1998(none)Whisky In A Jar, w/ stickers, censored
ElektraUSA1998(none)Whisky In A Jar, w/ stickers, uncensored
ElektraUSA1998(none)LP spot - Garage Inc., w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1991(none)Turn The Page/Whisky In The Jar, w/ stickers
MercuryGermany1999(none)Metallica Goes Classical, w/ stickered video and insert
TelecineUK1999(none)Lars Indent, w/ stickered video and insert;
Enter Sandman, One, and Nothing Else Matters - S&M versions
TelecineUK1999(none)S&M Documentry, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA1999(none)No Leaf Clover, w/ stickers, 5:28 edit
ElektraUSA1999(none)No Leaf Clover, w/ stickers, 5:43
TelcineUK2000(none)No Leaf Clover, w/ stickers, 5:38
ElektraUSA2001(none)I Disappear, w/ sticker, in black case
ElektraUSA2003(none)St. Anger, w/ stickers
ElektraUSA2000PRDVD 1520The Metallica DVD Collection Sampler, promo 6 track DVD w/ custom gatefold cover

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