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Vinyl - 7"

The Unforgiven / Killing Time
VertigoUK1991METAL 8swirl label
VertigoUK1991METAL 8silver label
VertigoGermany1991866 136-7silver label w/ large center hole, few w/ release sheet
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-7clear 7" w/ tattoo/instructions and sticker on sleeve
The Unforgiven / Killing Time, The Unforgiven (demo)
VertigoUK1991METAP 812 / 866 139-1picture disc w/ insert

Vinyl - 12"

The Unforgiven / Killing Time, So What, The Unforgiven (demo)
VertigoUK1991METAL 812swirl label, w/ warning sticker
VertigoHolland1991866 137-1swirl label, no spine

CDs - 3"

The Unforgiven / Killing Time, So What, The Unforgiven (demo)
SonyJapan1991SRDS 8214in snap-pack sleeve, black tray, Z-1504 1 CSR (SMJ)
SonyJapan1991SRDS 8214in snap-pack sleeve, white tray, Z-1504 1 CSR

CDs - 5"

The Unforgiven, Killing Time, The Unforgiven (demo)
VertigoUK1991METCD 8pt. 2 picture disc of the "Enter Sandman" 4 CD set
VertigoGermany1991866 139-2CD, "MADE IN GERMANY D"
Vertigo/PhonogramAustralia1991866 139-2in cardboard sleeve, sealed w/ poster
Vertigo/PhonogramAustralia1991866 139-2in cardboard sleeve, #01 (#02)
Vertigo/PolygramBrazil1991866 139-2w/ "Maxi Single" on cover
The Unforgiven, Killing Time
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-2in cardboard sleeve w/ tattoo/instructions, some w/ sticker, 1.B
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-2in cardboard sleeve, some w/ sticker on shrinkwrap Sold
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-2swirl CD, sticker(s) on shrinkwrap


The Unforgiven / Killing Time
ElektraUSA19919 4-64814w/ SR on cassette
ElektraUSA19919 4-64814w/ AR on cassette
ElektraCanada199196 48144cassette
Vertigo/PhonogramAustralia1991866 136-4unique sleeve
Vertigo/PhonogramAustralia1991866 136-4sealed w/ T-shirt
Vertigo/PhonogramAustralia1991866 136-4sealed w/ poster
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-4cassette, some w/ concert sticker on sleeve
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-4sealed in stickered blisterpack, w/ tattoo/instructions
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-4sealed in 'Title' stickered blisterpack
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance1991866 136-4sealed in blisterpack
The Unforgiven, Killing Time, The Unforgiven (demo)
VertigoIndonesia1991866 137-4black Polygram


The Unforgiven (edit) / Killing Time
VertigoUK1991METDJ 87", swirl label, WLP, some w/ stickers on cover
Shining Star (by Inxs) / The Unforgiven (edit?)
PolygramItaly1991as-5000-9097", WLP, jukebox in unique sleeve, split promo
The Unforgiven (edit) / Of Wolf And Man
VertigoUK1991METDJ 81212", swirl label, WLP in black sleeve
(song by Tears for Fear), The Unfogiven / (song by U2), (song by Bryan Adams)
Mercury/PolygramBrazil19922801 56612, WLP, pink sleeve, split promo
The Unforgiven
ElektraUSA1991PRCD 8478-2CD, SRC=01 M1S2
The Unforgiven / Killing Time, So What, The Unforgiven (demo)
SonyJapan1991SRDS 82143" CD, in snap-pack sleeve, w/ promo sticker on back
The Unforgiven (edit)
ElektraUSA1991PRCD 8479-2CD, SRC=01 M1S3
VertigoUK1991METCDJ 8CD
VertigoAustralia1991MET 1CD, in B&W custom cardboard sleeve
Vertigo/PhonogramFrance19911598CD, in cardboard sleeve

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