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Vinyl - 12"

ElektraUSA199762126-12LP gatefold, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap
VertigoUK1997536 409-12LP gatefold, w/ sticker on sleeve
VertigoEurope2001536 409-12LP gatefold, reissue on 180g vinyl
Warner Bros.USA2010523510-12LP
Warner Bros.USA2010523511-14LP box, w/ bellyband & sticker on shrinkwrap
Warner Bros.USA2010523511-1WHITE 4LP box, w/ bellyband & sticker on shrinkwrap, lim.100
UniversalEurope201006007532991802LP gatefold
UniversalEurope201006007532991354LP box, w/ bellyband
BlackenedUSA2014BLCKND012-12LP gatefold, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap


VertigoArgentina1997536409-2140E3<0579>ESPA INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA POLY5364092 IFPI L483/8607CD
VertigoArgentina1997536409-2POL5364092/6484 LASER DISC IFPI L126/1R06CD
VertigoAustralia1997536 409-2- MADE BY PMI. * 536409-2 * #03 IFPI L281/6L02
5364092 SMA 33687A IFPI L480/7953
5364092 SMA 33817B IFPI L480/7904
clear center ring, w/ stickers on case
VertigoAustralia1997536 409-25364092 SMA 33687B IFPI L480/7953clear center ring, w/ warning sticker on case
VertigoAustralia1997536 409-25364092 UNIVERSAL 01 IFPI L681/6522reissue
VertigoBrazil1997536 409-215202A MICROSERVICE 02/536409-2 007889 IFPI L361/540Nw/ black and white booklet
ElektraCanada1997CD 6212628 #971102HH CD-62126 L382 MFG BY CINRAM 17 IFPI 6000CD
VertigoChile1997536 409-2LASER DISC - MID 12809 - 102/1772 - IFPI L701/9HG0CD
VertigoColombia1997536 409-2CD
Vertigo(Europe)1997536 409-207314 536 409-2 05 / 50996123 CEU IFPI L001/0117
07314 536 409-2 05 / 50996123 CEU B IFPI L001/0126
w/ sticker on case
VertigoFrance1997536 409-2MADE IN FRANCE BY PMDC 536 409_2 00 C EU IFPI L004/0275CD, w/ sticker on case, MCPS
VertigoGermany1997536 409-2536 409-2 04 > C EU MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC AU IFPI L003/01V4w/ sticker on case, sticker on shrinkwrap
VertigoIndia2004536 409-2sealedCD
VertigoIndonesia1997536 409-2CD
Vertigo/HeliconIsreal1997536 409-2536 409-2 04 > C EU IFPI L003/1U23CD
SonyJapan1997SRCS 8512PUS-1250 1 IFPI L274/451APROMO CD w/ obi strip and lyric insert, first issue w/ 2 stickers and sticker on resealable shrinkwrap, promo sticker on back
SonyJapan1997SRCS 8512PUS-1250 1 IFPI L274/45F7w/ obi strip and lyric insert, first issue w/ 2 stickers and sticker on resealable shrinkwrap
SonyJapan2003SICP 481PROMO CD w/ obi in mini-LP cover, promo sticker on back sleeve
SonyJapan2003SICP 481w/ obi in mini-LP cover
UniversalJapan2006UICR-1058PROMO CD w/ obi in mini-LP cover, promo sticker on back sleeve
UniversalJapan2006UICR-1058w/ obi in mini-LP cover
UniversalJapan2007UICR-9022PROMO CD w/ purple obi, promo sticker on back sleeve
UniversalJapan2007UICR-9022w/ purple obi
UniversalJapan2008UICY-91075PROMO CD SHM release, promo sticker on back sleeve
UniversalJapan2008UICY-91075SHM release
UniversalJapan2009UICY-60116PROMO CD rerelease, promo sticker on back sleeve
VertigoKorea1997DP 3460836 409-2 * DP 3460 IFPI L811/5302CD
VertigoMalaysia1997536 409-25364092 02 & R.O.W. MADE IN THE UK BY PMDC IFPI L134/0482UK export, sticker on back
VertigoMalaysia2003536 409-2536409-2 IFPI LH91/M602sticker on case
VertigoMexico1997536 409-2#990619MG 2536409 L390 CINRAM IFPI 2000CD
VertigoRussia2001536 409-9country on cover, w/ 'Ultra' logo on back (exist?)
VertigoRussia2006536 409-9sealedcountry on cover
VertigoRussia2008536 409-9073145364099 WWW.CDLINE.RU 000 (Russian) No 77-216 IFPI LW80/ACH03Universal logo on cover
VertigoS. Africa1997SSTARCD 6357SSTARCD 6357-1 MASTERED BY CDT IFPI L141/2724CD
VertigoTaiwan1997536 409-2Australian release w/ obi, sticker on case and guitar pick, export
VertigoTaiwan1999536 409-2DISCTRONICS 5364092 01 MADE IN THE UK BY UNIVERSAL M&L IFPI L136/04F4UK reissue release w/ obi and sticker on case, export
VertigoUK1997536 409-25364092 02 % MADE IN U.K. MADE IN THE UK BY PMDC IFPI L132/0454w/ sticker on case
VertigoUkraine2001536 409-9|| ASTRA 11577 || IFPI LU001/UAA09CD
VertigoUkraine2001536 409-9UEP-CD RUSSIA www.disc.ru UL 020100 IFPI L641/1I03w/ different logo on back, Russian matrix detail(?)
VertigoUSA1997536 409-25364092 CEU 01! AA MADE IN USA BY PMDC IFPI L005/0391w/ sticker on case
ElektraUSA199762126-2Y2994 2 62126-1 01 M1S8 IFPI L903/2U3OCD, w/ sticker on case and gold "Not For Sale" stamp on cover
ElektraUSA199762126-262126 1-1-20 IFPI L043/I674
62126 1-1-24 IFPI L043/I657
62126 1-1-26 IFPI L043/I67A
Y2994 2 62126-2 01 M1S9 IFPI L903/2U3M
Y2994 2 62126-2 01 M1S10 IFPI L903
Y2994 2 62126-2 01 M1S12 IFPI L903/2U3X
CD, Knoxville fan club address, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap
ElektraUSA199762126-2X20448 2 6212602 04 M3S2 L902/2U7PCD, San Rafael fan club address, w/ sticker on shrinkwrap


VertigoBrazil1997536 409-4cassette
VertigoBulgaria1997536 409-4cassette, some w/ sticker on case
VertigoHolland1997536 409-4cassette, some w/ sticker
VertigoIndia1997536 409-4cassette
VertigoIndonesia1997536 409-4black Polygram
VertigoIndonesia1997536 409-4clear Polygram
VertigoIndonesia1997536 409-4grey Polygram (exist?)
VertigoIndonesia2003?536 409-4clear Universal (exist?)
VertigoIndonesia2003?536 409-4grey Universal
SonyJapan1997SRCS 8512PROMO Cassette, w/ blue record company sleeve
Vertigo/PolygramKorea1997CP 5660black cassette w/ white label
VertigoMalaysia1997536 409-4cassette
VertigoPhillipines1997536 409-4cassette
VertigoPoland1997536 409-4cassette
VertigoPoland1997536 409-4cassette, variation
VertigoThailand1997536 409-4cassette, Polygram sticker, some w/ 2nd sticker on case
Vertigo/RaksTurkey1997536 409-4clear cassette
VertigoThailand1997536 409-4Universal reissue, sticker on case
VertigoS. Africa1997SSTARC 6357cassette
VertigoUkraine200?536 409-4cassette
VertigoUK1997536 409-4w/ sticker on case

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