Discography-Master Of Puppets (single)

Vinyl - 7"

Track list: Master Of Puppets (edit) / (Welcome Home)-Sanitarium (edit)
New Electric Way/MFNFrance198611575black vinyl w/ large center hole, "MUSICDISC" on labels, yellow inside of sleeve, and thick paper, lim. 500

Vinyl 12"

Track list: Master Of Puppets (edit "pt. 1") / Master Of Puppets (edit "pt. 1")
Elektra/AsylumUSA1986ED 5139PROMO, WLP, SP labels, in Elektra sleeve, w/ warning sticker
Elektra/AsylumUSA1986ED 5139PROMO, WLP, AR labels, in Elektra sleeve, never a warning sticker

A variety of colored bootlegs exist for the 7" single. 4 different kinds of bootleg labels exist, all of which originated in Germany.
black labels w/ large center hole - 1992/1993
Black vinyl that often gets mistaken for the original. Copies have a cheap photocopied sleeve, that is white on the inside. And the label reads "MUSICDISC", as opposed to "MUSIDISC".
black labels w/ small center hole - 1995
blue, dark blue, light blue, blue/pink, blue/purple, green, lila, pink, purple, red marbled, red/white, light red/white, rosy red/white, light rosy marbled, dark rosy marbled, white/cream marbled, yellow, yellow/white
white Enchantillon "test" labels, marbled vinyl - 1996
amber, azur, light azur, dark azur, brown, light olive, dark olive, orange, pink, light pink, dark pink
white labels - 1997
green, orange, red, yellow
picture disc (no sleeve) - 1998
info from Matthijs Kropff collection in the Netherlands

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